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Rocker Stopper

Rocker Stopper, coni stabilizzatori per piccole imbarcazioni.
14,00 € + iva
Rocker Stoppers help dampen the rocking motion of boats at anchor. Simply tie Rocker Stoppers approximately 44cm (18") apart, making a string of them, with a 5-10 pound weight attached at the bottom of the string. Hang one string off each side of the boat. Just four units per side are what it takes on most boats to 36'.
Be sure you hang them where they will always be underwater. Use 10mm (3/8") braided nylon or 3-stranded nylon line.
Use without a weight (or with reduced weight) for drift fishing. Rocker Stoppers will slow down drift substantially. They are also great to use at the end of a dock to stabilize the tip from rocking. Rocker Stoppers nest together and each one is 33cm (14") in diameter. It's lightweight and moulded of high impact, virtually indestructible styrene. Can be deployed or retrieved in seconds. Unaffected by salt water and cannot affect the sides of your boat.